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Plow of simple PLN 3/4/5
  • Plow of simple PLN 3/4/5
  • Plow of simple PLN 3/4/5
  • Plow of simple PLN 3/4/5
  • Plow of simple PLN 3/4/5
  • Plow of simple PLN 3/4/5

Plow of simple PLN 3/4/5

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Country of manufacture:Moldova

Plows the PLN type - 3, 4 and 5 are intended for a plowed land. Plows have a number of settings which, are directed to improvement of quality of plowing:

1. Vertical control of a frame is intended for maintenance of vertical position of a plow in various conditions. This adjustment is used in that case if a wheel of a tractor got to a furrow - in order that the plow was horizontally on the relation to the earth, but not to a tractor.

2. We can regulate plowing width by change of position of each case. This adjustment changes by means of the adjusting screw. Change of width of plowing allows us:

  • To work in various weather conditions and at different types of soils.
  • Possibility of use one plow with tractors of various traction classes.

3. In case process of plowing does not go in the right direction it is possible to adjust an angle of attack for each case.

The plow can be easily transformed to a reverse plow. If there is a need of a reversive plow for your farm, it is possible to install the left number of cases on the same plow without any constructive changes and without the need for use of a tractor of a bigger traction class.


  1. During the work with a reversive plow, in comparison with a simple plow, fuel consumption is cut, productivity increases, plowing turns out more qualitative, and the term of operation increases.
  2. Possibility of operation in all climatic zones;
  3. Wide range of settings:
  • plow frame position on the soil relation;
  • width of capture of the case and plow;
  • case angle of attack;
  • depth of processing of the soil;
  • horizontal control of a frame, for elimination of lateral draft.
4. The special design of a mill from two main parts, increases knife operating time;
5. The self-sharpened working bodies;
6. Height of a rack is 600 mm (+100 mm);
Country of manufacture:Moldova
Purpose plow:Normal
Information is up-to-date: 25.03.2022

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