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Plow cultivator of PCV-2.5 (FS)
  • Plow cultivator of PCV-2.5 (FS)
  • Plow cultivator of PCV-2.5 (FS)

Plow cultivator of PCV-2.5 (FS)

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Country of manufacture:Moldova

The cultivator of PCV is intended for continuous processing of the soil, loosening and introduction of fertilizer in row-spacings of vineyards and gardens.

Design and principle of work
PCV - enters category of hinged units, and at the request of the customer the unit can be manufactured in two options:
  1. PCV-2,5FS - with the mechanism for introduction fertilizer (Drawing. 1);
  2. PCV-2,5 - without mechanism for introduction fertilizer (Drawing. 2).
Continuous processing of the soil of an osushchestvlyaetsyapra of the help of arrow paws (1) which are established on a frame in three rows.
Introduction fertilizer. The supporting and driving wheels (2), in the working provision of a cultivator, contact to the soil, creating a rotary motion. By transfer to a chain (3) it is activated the batchers installed on two on each bunker (4) which by means of soshnik (5), mounted only on lateral paws of a cultivator, introduce fertilizers to the soil software.
Depth of processing and application of fertilizers. Depth is established depending on need, by means of the screw mechanism (6) for control of depth which lifts or lowers the supporting wheel (2). For adjustment of depth it is necessary to place the unit on a plain surface and to involve the screw mechanism (6), the distance from a wheel to the earth will be the working depth and depth of application of fertilizers. This distance has to be identical to both wheels (2).
Norm of rational use of mineral fertilizers. The norm of rational use of mineral fertilizers is carried out by replacement of an asterisk of transfer of a chain (3) - Z-12, Z-15, Z-17, Z-34, thereby influencing increase or reduction of turns of the batcher, and depending on this parameter varies quantity brought fertilizer.
The norm of rational use of mineral fertilizers can be in the following limits:
  • Urea - from 28 kg/hectare to 505 kg/hectare;
  • Ammonium nitrate - from 51 kg/hectare to 578 kg/hectare;
  • Superphosphate - from 37 kg/hectare to 657 kg/hectare;
  • Complex fertilizers - from 41 kg/hectare to 730 kg/hectare.
The norm of use of mineral fertilizers will be determined by the passport.
Country of manufacture:Moldova
Purpose plow:Chisel
Information is up-to-date: 11.05.2020
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