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In recent years, in agriculture of many countries farmers avoid plowing, carrying out a deep disking of the soil as the main operation. Using this technology and observing a crop rotation, it is possible to make a plowed land once in four years. As a result expenses of time and fuel decrease. And also moisture losses decrease, and process of a soil erosion is excluded.
These advantages are provided for the account:

  • Reductions of technological passes
  • Decrease in specific fuel consumption by Hectare
  • Increase of productivity

The disk harrow meeting the requirements of the new technology released by JSC Moldagrotekhnika
GD-3,6 is. The harrow is intended for processing of soils after cleaning of various cultures, processing of layers after plowing, integral lands, and also hulling of an eddish.
The design features of a harrow of GD-3.6 providing it above-mentioned advantages:

  1. Replaces plowing, due to processing of the soil with depth to 20 cm that is reached by the following features:
    • V-shaped arrangement of batteries
    • adjustment of an angle of attack ot15 to 30 degrees
    • harrow weight in 3300 kg provides pressure upon each disk of 110 kg (BDT-3 and BDT-7 on only 61 kg).
  1. Equipment of a harrow the crushing module which does it by the multioperational unit, consists from:
    • Two passive mills - the lumps providing dyeing remaining after a disking.
    • Two zubovy modules - the massifs providing leveling, creates the layer interfering moisture evaporation.

As a result thanks to these two operations we receive well processed layers and we exclude operation of cultivations.

3. Increase of frame designs of the unit thanks to welding among a kargon (the 72nd argon and 18% of CO2) an obmednenny wire.

4. The warranty period of operation is increased from 12 to 18 months and includes providing with spare parts.

5. Economic indicators:

  • Economy of fuel. It is necessary for plowing 20,1kg/hectare, and when using a harrow only of 9 kg/hectare, we receive economy on processing of 100 hectares in 1,11tonn diesel fuel.
  • Plus economy of fuel and time due to reduction of technological operations.
Information is up-to-date: 13.05.2021

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