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The JSC Moldagrotekhnika enterprise is the largest producer of modern agricultural machinery in Moldova. Our production is exported in the markets of the following countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, and in other CIS countries.

Our enterprise also makes production on European orders for such firms as SIP (Slovenia), MAURA (Italy), AP MACHINEBOUW (Holland), WIRGEN (Germany). The share of export of the enterprise annually makes a minimum about 60.

About 10 years modern control systems - such as the Japanese systems 20 keys and 5 S and also the TOC system of Goldrat act on the enterprise. Our many experts and workers passed training in Europe (Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary) and also in Japan and in the USA. 

Our advantages:

  • Long-term experience in the sphere production and sales of agricultural machinery
  • Full production cycle from raw materials to a ready-made product
  • Flexible conditions of cooperation
  • Certificates quality and origins of production
  • Favorable prices and flexible system of discounts.

Products and services
Plow rotary hinged
In stock 
A series of plows PR(PO) are intended for processing of the soil up to 30 cm in depth, with turnover of layer under any kind of crops. These plows meet the last requirements of the market and are equipped a wide range of adjustments which allowed to increase productivity of the unit and to...
Group: Tractors
Plow hinged three-case PLN-3-35
In stock 
The plow three-case hinged PLN - 3-35 is intended for plowing of the soil under different types of crops on depth to 30 cm, with a specific resistance up to 0,09 MPas (0,9 kg/cm2). PLN - 3-35 can be operated in all climatic zones, on the fields which are not littered with stones and without...
Group: Plows
Seeder for propashny cultures of SPP
In stock 
The pneumatic seeder of exact seeding like SPP is intended for exact crops of propashny cultures in the dotted way on one or two grains in a nest at the set distance between nests. Thanks to a broad set of the sowing disks of a seeder can carry out seeding of corn, sunflower, peas and other...
Group: Seeders
Harrow disk garden heavy BDST-2,5
In stock 
The harrow disk garden heavy BDST-2,5 is intended for deep loosening of the soil and destruction of weeds in row-spacings of gardens, and also processings of the soil on open fields after harvesting. Device and work In transport position of BDST - 2,5 it is used as the hinged tool (Fig. 1) (for...
Group: Harrows
Harrow disk heavy BDT-7
In stock 
Harrows of BDT-7 are intended for processing of layers after plowing, including virgin lands and processing of soils after cleaning of propashny cultures, and also hulling of an eddish. Priyemushchestva: - The design provided adjustment of angles of attack of batteries, thereby with the maximum...
Group: Harrows
Cultivator for interrow processing of CUP-4.2
In stock 
Hinged cultivators like CUP are intended for processing of crops of propashny cultures with simultaneous introduction of mineral fertilizers. Provide high-quality loosening of the soil in row-spacings with width 45-70cm, and on the set depth with destruction of weeds. During the work of a...
Group: Cultivators
In stock 
In recent years, in agriculture of many countries farmers avoid plowing, carrying out a deep disking of the soil as the main operation. Using this technology and observing a crop rotation, it is possible to make a plowed land once in four years. As a result expenses of time and fuel decrease. And...
Group: Agricultural equipment
Diskator D-2.4
In stock 
The disk harrow is intended for all types of the soil with processing on depth of 5-20 cm, and also creates optimum structure of the soil for growth of plants. With the help of a back mill dyeing of the lumps remaining after a disking is provided. This unit combines functions of a plow, a...
Group: Disks of a harrow
Harrow disk heavy BDT-3
In stock 
Harrow disk heavy BDT- 3prednaznachena for development of the soil after harvesting of propashny and grain crops, processing of virgin lands, cutting of the soil after plowing and preparation it to crops. BDT - 3 belongs to the category of hook-on units and is used in 2kh positions:...
Group: Spare parts for harrows
Platform garden
In stock 
The platform is designed for cutting garden shears hand and to gather fruits in a remote area of the upper tier. Using the platform increases productivity and reduces the time required to perform this task. The special design allows you to move the work plane with the staff and the necessary...
Group: Machinery for horticulture and viticulture
Cultivator for continuous processing of the soil (CPS-4)
In stock 
The cultivator of SPC-4 is intended for continuous processing of the soil, preseeding processing of a ploughland, destruction of weeds, simultaneous loosening and crushing of the soil. Device and principle of work. CPS-4 is a unit with universal hinged system which can be used...
Group: Cultivators
Universal cultivator for tillage KSPS
In stock 
KSPS it is one of the most multifunctional available cultivators on the market today, which is intended for stubble and deep loosening, superficial processing prior to spring seedings. The first stubble processing after the harvest, deep loosening up to 35 cm., incorporating vegetal and organic...
Group: Tillage machines


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